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Steven Darling

Steven Darling has been in the fire alarm industry for 28 years. In 1994, he started in the fire alarm business in a new department created by a large manufacturer of fire alarm equipment and systems. Steve then trained with various manufacturers on fire alarm panels, fire suppression systems, security systems, access control, and camera systems.

Steve was the 1st inspection technician for this company, helping build a successful department. After six years he was able to move into service and installations. He holds certifications in Utah as a fire alarm technician, Fire Sprinkler technician, and fire suppression technician. Holds low voltage license for Wyoming.

Steve Darling believes that he can make a positive impact on fire and life safety with the knowledge that he has acquired through his years of service. With great customer service he believes he can keep them by maintaining and installing fire alarms and building systems, he has made a difference.

Steve grew up in and still resides in South Jordan, Utah, and graduated from Bingham High School in 1986. He married Judy in 1986, and they have 5 children. When Steve is not installing and maintaining fire alarm systems, he loves to spend time with his family and grandkids, especially in the outdoors camping, fishing, and boating. He loves to watch and support his grandkids in all the activities that they participate in.

Walk through your property before an inspection and look to determine whether or not you are following fire safety issues. Check for:

  Clear paths to and from each exit?

  Do emergency lights and exit signs function?

  Are extension cords used properly and safely?

  Do you have a Knox Box outside your business? These are required in case of an emergency.

  Are your shelves tacked too high and impede sprinklers?

  Are there too many people in your facility? Too many people in an establishment is a violation of fire safety.

  Are electrical panels in your business easy to access without moving boxes and furniture?

  Do you have fire extinguishers that are current and have inspection dates?

  Are your fire alarms up to code and properly tagged?

  Are all of your sprinklers in good condition?

Whether you need an inspection on smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, automatic sprinkler systems, backflow devices, kitchen hood systems, or clean agent systems, call on Protekfs to make the necessary inspections. You can rest assured that with professional inspections you will be protected from fire emergencies.

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