Fire alarm System

7 Manual Remedies to Take If Intelligent Fire Alarm System Doesn’t Work

Accidents happen, don’t they? Even if you have spent time and money preparing for all possibilities you can think of, a misfortune can still befall you. As reliable as it is, an intelligent fire alarm system can still fail. So, what are five manual remedies you can take if your intelligent fire alarm does not…

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Fire Suppression System

What Are The Different Types Of Fire Suppression System

Plenty of destructive events can ruin your home or business, but they are all nothing compared to fires. Fires will turn your valuable possessions to dust, and worst of all, some of them may be irreplaceable. That’s why businesses and some homes always opt for fire suppression systems to be installed.  Today, industrial, commercial, and…

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Wireless Fire Alarm Systems, Conventional, Addressable & Intelligent: What's the difference?

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems, Conventional, Addressable & Intelligent: What’s the difference?

There are many types of fire alarm systems, and each type has a control panel that communicates with the field units – the smoke detectors or pull stations. The fire alarm panel acts as the brains of the system. However, how the brain sends signals to the field units varies from system to system. Each…

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