Clean Agent Suppressions

How Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems are Making the World a Better Place

Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems are a common type of fire protection system for commercial buildings containing electronics. Water in conventional fire suppression systems can cause extreme damage to control centers, power plants, and offices with computers that store confidential documents. Clean agent fire suppression systems are a great option for these types of companies because they can suppress the fire with gas that won’t damage electronics.

Common clean agent systems include the FM-200 system that contains liquid gas, but the gases vaporize when discharged. The system removes the oxygen feeding a fire, and heat absorption is its main dousing capability.

The Inergen System uses inert gases like nitrogen, argon, and carbon dioxide to limit the oxygen level and quell the fires. The gas concentration is safe for humans even though carbon dioxide is included in the mixture. Once an Inergen System’s concentrate discharges, it returns to its natural state.

The EmNovec 1230 Clean Suppression System uses a liquid that is vaporized when discharged. It is similar to other clean suppression systems, and the EmNovec displaces oxygen around a fire to suppress it.

CO2 Fire Suppression Systems can be used as a clean agent system. These systems are used in buildings that have low occupancy, and carbon dioxide can result in health risks or death for those exposed.

The main part of the clean agent suppression system uses smoke detectors, the control panel, and notification devices. Smoke detectors work as normal and warn about a fire before it has time to escalate into an emergency event. Smoke detectors send up signals to the control panel, which alerts the notification devices and activates the release device that suppresses the fire. Notification devices warn occupants of a fire and alert people in the area when the clean agent is about to be released. Contact Protekfs for advice on the best clean agent suppression system.

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