Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire sprinkler systems have been in use since 1874 and have prevented the catastrophic loss of life and property. Fire sprinkler systems include sprinkler heads that contain glycerin-based liquids. The sprinkler system identifies a fire because of rising temperatures. At temperatures between 135-165⁰F, the glycerin-based liquid inside the bulb expands breaks the glass, and the sprinkler head is activated.

Once the glass bulb breaks, the sprinkler head releases water. The type of sprinkler system you use determines how the water is stored and distributed through pipes. Wet pipe systems store water in the pipes and release the water when the trigger breaks. Dry pipe systems store water behind a valve that needs to be released before the water flows out of the sprinkler head. A pre-action sprinkler is similar to a dry pipe system, except the valve is controlled by an electronic device. There is also a deluge sprinkler system that is not activated by heat, but a fire alarm releases the water, and a valve needs to be manually closed to stop the water flow.

Fire sprinkler systems use pressurized air. In wet sprinkler systems, pressure ensues the water is delivered quickly. In dry pipe and pre-action systems, pressurized air is used to fill the pipes instead of water. Once the air is released, water flows through the pipes.

Certified pros do fire sprinkler system maintenance, testing, and inspection at Protekfs. Each system is inspected and tested according to NFPA 25. Weekly or monthly gauges are inspected, and quarterly alarm devices and control values are inspected. Bracings, pipes, fittings, and signings are examined annually. Every five years, a complete internal inspection is needed. Mechanical devices are tested quarterly, and all devices are tested semi-yearly.

Full testing and inspecting include fire pumps, water flow, antifreeze concentration, and alarm tests. Protek fs will install the right fire sprinkler system you need and will perform inspections, testing, and maintenance as needed.

Your fire sprinkler system needs to be tested to ensure it is working properly to protect your employees and property. All inspections done by Protek comply with NFPA standards and are reported to you, the Authority Having Jurisdiction, and inspection reports are available at all times.

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