The Beginner's Guide to Fire Hazard Safety Inspections

Inspections for fire hazards are important to keep a building from fires resulting in injuries, damages to the building, and loss of life. Fire inspections help identify potential problems that are fire hazards. With an inspection, a fire hazard can be corrected, and people can evaluate how to identify these hazards and how to respond.

Local ordinances and state statutes require fire inspections. Having Protekfs do inspections is important to keep up with the law and observe statutory requirements.

The main reason for implementing fire inspections is to minimize loss of life, property damage, and improve the chances of survival during a fire. Certified, licensed fire protection companies provide safety tests, quality inspections, repairs on equipment as well as safety tests. Inspections also are done in compliance with the NFPA code.

Walkthrough your property before an inspection and look to determine whether or not you are following fire safety issues. Check for:

  Clear paths to and from each exit?

  Do emergency lights and exit signs function?

  Are extension cords used properly and safely?

  Do you have a Knox Box outside your business? These are required in case of an emergency.

  Are your shelves tacked too high and impede sprinklers?

  Are there too many people in your facility? Too many people in an establishment is a violation of fire safety.

  Are electrical panels in your business easy to access without moving boxes and furniture?

  Do you have fire extinguishers that are current and have inspection dates?

  Are your fire alarms up to code and properly tagged?

  Are all of your sprinklers in good condition?

Whether you need an inspection on smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, automatic sprinkler systems, backflow devices, kitchen hood systems, or clean agent systems, call on Protekfs to make the necessary inspections. You can rest assured that with professional inspections you will be protected from fire emergencies.

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