Protek Access Control Systems

Protek Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems empower you to limit who has access to your facility, when employees and those with permission have access, and to monitor access behavior. Access control systems can be physical, biometric, or digital. The most popular access control systems use key codes, electronic key cards, key fobs, or biometric credentials like fingerprints or voice and face recognition.

Access control systems are dependent on the number of doors and points of entry that need to be protected and the simplicity, complexity, or level of security required.

Access control systems work by using:





Monitor and Report


This first step requires management to create security policies and define who can have access and what they can do.

Employees, visitors, vendors, and other people with permission present their credentials to the reader or scanner. The system reviews the credentials and determines validation.

Once authenticated, restricted areas will unlock, and the individual can be allowed access.

The type of access control and the parameters determine the restrictions of the systems. A user’s credentials will indicate who can be granted access.

The system monitors all who use their card, key, or fab or pass through. A record of the number of attempts or accesses, the date, and the duration is recorded.

Administrators of the system can grant and remove authorizations and permissions. Realtime alerts are also available when an irregularity occurs.

Access control systems assure the security and safety of your employees and assets. Controlling who may have access to protected areas and monitoring those areas significantly minimizes threats to your employees and property from internal and external threats.

Protekfs can customize a control access system to fit your needs. We are also available to ensure that your system runs without problems. Our teams are available for onsite service and repair.

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